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HFPC Washable Filter

HFPC Washable Filter


Pleated Fibre Washable Ducted  Vacuum Filter for your Electron Vacuum system.

Suits models 2808, 3505, 2707, SP Elite and 2606.

For EL2000 models and some older 2606 we recommend the Foam Filter.

Rinse under tap or hose out dust every 2 to 3 months. Make sure your filter is 100% dry before putting it back into your system.

  • Handy Hints:

    To check your filter has securely clicked into place once you hear the click pull the filter down, if it stays in place your all good. If not push back up until you hear another click. Some filter make more than one clicking sound. By checking this you can avoid the filter falling down into the dust bucket whilst the system is in use.

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